Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Wanna Join My Guild

What's the real criteria for letting someone in the guild?

So, I have taken in the habit of chatting with someone a good long time to feel them out.  I will banter a little and see how they take my jokes, what kind of jokes they make, their age, their family make configuration, etc.  I make it seem like idle conversation, but in reality I wanna test their fiber.

There are a few obvious things, but many of these you can't see from just chatting.
  • Doesn't cause drama - Problem is, this kind of stuff may not show up until they feel comfortable being a pain.  You know, first dates rarely show cracks in the facade.  You can't really know this unless they are a pain from the get go.  You also have no idea that some people build drama roles as they feel their importance to the guild grows.  That is, I am "all that" now so I can be a primadonna.
  • Flexible - Able to go with the changes as they happen.  That is, sometimes you have to play your alt-spec, alt-character or whatever is needed to make the raid happen.  Sometimes, as raid leader, we can't just take whatever the player wants to take.  We have to take what makes it work.
  • Thick Skinned - Yes, sometimes people say things that piss you off.   You have to be ready to roll with it, comically or off your back like rain.  If it is really a problem, a good raid leader will nip it when it reaches the "too far" point.
  • Fit the group - Don't just take people because of a certain class or spec, though that helps.  You really want personalities that mesh.  Age and gender CAN play into this.  Play schedule is critical here as well.  If someone works nightshift and plays all day and you guys do the opposite and yet raid time is still compatible is still NOT a good fit.  Why?  You won't see them except at raid time.  You need the off-raid time to get to be friends.
Can you think of other need to haves?

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